Opening hours
Opening hours:
The museum is generally opened:
Friday - Monday, 2 pm - 6 pm (NOT Monday - Friday; that goes for banks, insurance companies and administration...)
During school holidays in Lower Saxony & North Rhine-Westphalia:
daily except Thursday, 2 pm - 6 pm
From the beginning of November through December 26th the Penguin-Museum is closed – even we need holidays once a year. Sorry! In case of uncertainty whether or not we're open, please feel free to inquire by phone (+49-175-3354113) or send us an e-mail!

The museum is generally opened until 6 pm.
If there are no more visitors inside after 5:30 pm, we may take the liberty to close a little earlier. If uncertain about the time, fell free to call +49-175-3354113. However, if you're in before 5.30 pm and are not yet done looking around, asking questions or shopping at 6 pm, we will certainly not kick you out, but let you finish your tour without ruffle or excitement!
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