Special Exhibitions
Although the Museum has a reasonable size, it is not possible to show the entire collection. We are permanently showing more than 3,333 collectibles, yet the collection includes more than 15,800 (seriously!) different items and still keeps on growing rapidly. Therefore, special exhibitions on specific topics are held three or four times a year.
In the past we've shown the following special exhibitions (please note that links on this page should open a new pop-up-window with the German version of this site):

The first one (June - September 2009) had the subject
Bathroom Items.

The following exhibition (October 2009 - January 2010) was called
Winter & Christmas Decoration.

We showed Clothing & Textiles from January to May 2010.

We also had a complete
Kitchen setup from May to September 2010.

The fifth topic was Games & Toys (September 2010 - April 2011).

In Bremerhaven the local (Ice-)Hockey team is called "Fischtown Pinguins" (what a name!!!). We dedicated them a corner from Easter to Whitsun 2011.

From April to September 2011 our next special exhibition had the title Homeoffice & Co.

The next subject was called Jewellery & Accessories (September 2011 - March 2012).

"Child-associated items" was the theme from March through June 2012.

From June through September 2012, the topic was "Sports!".
During the long, cold winter 2012 (September 2012 - March 2013), we displayed handcrafted, unique items in a special exhibition called "Do it yourself". For the first time, we have produced a short video-clip that you can find on youtube.

From March through September 2013, we participated in a nationwide project called
"Ton-Spuren". All participating museums, galleries and manufactures displayed objects burned from clay. You can find a video of this exhibition on youtube.

In fall (October through November 2013) we had our first exhibition of penguin-related items that are not part of our collection. Under the headline "Ein Stoffpinguin bereist die Welt", Michael Moll, a globetrotter, photographer and author of travel books from Essen, Germany, showed pictures of his numerous roadtrips. And again, we've published a video.

The following topic (December 2013 through May 2014) was "Penguins in Literature" and dealt with penguins in printed media.

In June 2014, we have an exhibition of photographs taken by an elderly, very enthusiastic travelling lady who took tremendous pictures during her trips to Antarctica. Pictures will follow.

During the following summer (July through September 2015) our next exhibition was titled "Water-Games".

During the winter season 2015/16 we are showing pictures taken on the Falkland-Islands, South Georgia and on the Antarctic Peninsula in early 2015
during our trip with the vessel "Plancius".
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